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Amazon Launches $50 Million Program To Support Gen AI Use in Public Sector

Amazon recently announced the launch of a new $50 million program called the AWS Worldwide Public Sector Generative AI Impact Initiative, which offers public sector organizations (and "those that support them") free Amazon technical resources to support their Gen AI-based programs.

Participants will get free access to Amazon AI and infrastructure tools like:

  • Amazon Bedrock: Amazon's tool for building generative AI applications.
  • Amazon Q: Amazon's coding and business-focused chatbot.
  • Amazon SageMaker: Amazon's tool for building machine learning models.
  • AWS HealthScribe: Amazon's tool for generating clinical notes directly from doctor-patient conversations.
  • AWS Trainium: Amazon's machine learning chip; and,<
  • AWS Inferentia: Amazon's hardware accelerators that speed up deep learning processing within Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

The free access will come in the form of promotional credits. Training resources, consulting and support will also be offered.

In its announcement of the initiative, Amazon said it was launching it because: "Across the public sector, leaders are seeking to leverage generative AI to become more efficient and agile. However, public sector organizations face several challenges such as optimizing resources, adapting to changing needs, improving patient care, personalizing the education experience, and strengthening security. To respond to these challenges, AWS is committed to helping public sector organizations unlock the potential of generative AI and other cloud-based technologies to positively impact society."

Organizations can sign up to find out more about the program here.

Posted by Becky Nagel on July 9, 2024